Making the quality and customer satisfaction its most important principal from the first day it established, our company had applied for all quality certificates and achieved to be awarded with TSE and ISO quality certificates. If we are to line up our quality concept;

  1. To consider customer satisfaction in our all activities and offer products and service according to internationally and nationally accepted values and standards towards this end.
  2. To accommodate the quality awareness among our employees, to enhance their skills and knowledge by various training programs, to set teamwork principal and thus  encouraging them to contribute to continuous development activities.
  3. To minimize the costs and the customer complaints by strictly following rules of quality, efficiency and on-time-delivery which they are needed in current business world.
  4. To protect the health of employees and environment and to mobilize our human and financial resources to this end.
  5. To sustain our employees’ and customers’ trust in our company according to principals above.