We  have reached a production capacity of 12,000 tons per year with our presses of  which the details are given below. In our production line we can make production up to 220 mm width and 12 m length (according to profile geometry).

Features of our profiles as follows:

Extrusion Press Power Profile Weight Billet Diameter Capacity (Ton/Year)
660 Ton 35 Gr/m-1 Kg/m 100mm 2.000
920 Ton 100 Gr/m-2 Kg/m 127mm 3.600
2.000 Ton 350 Gr/m-6 Kg/m 178mm 6.400

The standard compounds we use are 6060, 6063, 6082, 6061 series and all billets used are first quality.
All produced profiles are within the range of precision measurement tolerances and have eminent qualifies. All products are controlled and monitored in every phase of the production.
Unless otherwise demands about a special tolerance or tolerance system by the customer, EN 755-9 form is taken as a base.